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Material: BIM
Tooth design: wavy, milled
Tooth pitch [mm] / TPI: 1/24
Application range: thin metal sheet (0.7-3mm), thin tube/profile (diameter <175mm), effortless, fine cutting, flexible flush cutting
Type: S 1222 AF

black metal

Detailed materials:
Metal plate
Quantity: 5PCS

Product Detail

reciprocating saw blade S1122EF

reciprocating saw blade S1222VF

reciprocating saw blade S1122EF

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Use with reciprocating saws with 1/2 inch universal shank system. The S 1222 AF flexible board for metal reciprocating saw blades is optimized for metal flush cutting. It has a length of 300 mm and a standard thickness of 0.9 mm for material, enabling excellent flush cutting. In addition, due to the extremely fine pitch (1 mm) of the blade and the wave-shaped design, it is easy and smooth to cut thin steel plates. The blade is made of BIM (bimetal) and is suitable for conventional strength steel, and its extremely fine pitch is very suitable for cutting pipes and profiles with wall thicknesses of 0.7 mm to 3 mm. The standard length of the blade is 300 mm, which can provide a maximum cutting capacity of 250 mm.

S 1222 AF
BIM, wavy, grinding
Thin metal sheet (0.7-3 mm), thin tube/profile (diameter <250 mm), effortless, fine cutting, flexible flush cutting

• Optimized for flush cutting of metal pipes

• S 1222 AF is flexibly used for metal flush cutting with metal reciprocating saw blades

• 300 mm long and 0.9 mm standard thickness material can achieve excellent flush cutting

•The extremely fine pitch (1mm) and wave-shaped design of the blade can cut thin steel materials easily and lightly

• BIM is used to cut ordinary strength steel. The standard length is 300 mm, and the maximum cutting capacity is 250 mm

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