The Chinese civilization has a long history and is extensive and profound. It is the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation, the foundation of contemporary Chinese culture, the spiritual bond that maintains the Chinese around the world, and the treasure of Chinese cultural innovation. In the long historical process, with the determination and will of self-improvement, the Chinese nation has gone through a development process different from that of other civilizations in the world. It is necessary to gain an in-depth understanding of the development history of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years, promote the in-depth research on the history of Chinese civilization, promote the whole party and the whole society to enhance historical consciousness, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Through the continuous efforts of several generations of scholars, the research results of major projects such as the Chinese Civilization Origin Project have confirmed my country’s million-year human history, 10,000 years of cultural history, and more than 5,000 years of civilization history. It is necessary to strengthen multi-disciplinary joint research and promote the project of exploring the origin of Chinese civilization to achieve more results. Strengthen overall planning and scientific layout, and further answer major questions such as the origin, formation, and development of Chinese civilization, the basic picture, internal mechanism, and the evolution path of each regional civilization. The Chinese Civilization Origin Project proposes the definition of civilization and the identification of China’s plan to enter a civilized society, making an original contribution to the research on the origin of world civilization. It is necessary to simultaneously do a good job in the publicity, promotion and transformation of my country’s “ancient civilization theory” and the research results of the Chinese civilization source exploration project, so as to enhance the influence and appeal of Chinese civilization.

It is necessary to deepen the research on the characteristics and forms of Chinese civilization and provide theoretical support for the construction of new forms of human civilization. In the long history of civilization development of more than 5,000 years, the Chinese people have created a dazzling Chinese civilization and made great contributions to the progress of human civilization. Many people in the West are accustomed to seeing China as a modern nation-state in the vision of Western modernization theories. It is necessary to closely combine the research on the origin of Chinese civilization with the research on major issues such as the characteristics and forms of Chinese civilization, in-depth research and interpretation of the development direction of the Chinese nation’s community and the evolution pattern of the pluralistic unity of the Chinese nation indicated by the origin of Chinese civilization, research and interpretation of Chinese civilization. The spiritual characteristics and development form of people-oriented, honesty, justice, harmony and harmony, clarify the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese road.

It is necessary to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China’s excellent traditional culture, and build a soul for national rejuvenation. Adhere to integrity and innovation, promote the adaptation of Chinese excellent traditional culture to socialist society, and better build Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese strength. In the process of promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, we must adhere to the fundamental guiding ideology of Marxism, inherit and carry forward revolutionary culture, develop advanced socialist culture, and find the source of living water from Chinese excellent traditional culture.

It is necessary to promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. The 5,000-year history of the development of Chinese civilization fully demonstrates that species, technology, resources, people, and even ideas and culture have all developed and progressed through continuous dissemination, communication, and interaction. We must use the exchange and integration of civilizations to crack the “clash of civilizations theory”. Adhere to the concept of civilization that promotes equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance, and promotes the common values of all mankind contained in Chinese civilization. Tell the story of Chinese civilization well, and make the world understand China, the Chinese people, the Communist Party of China, and the Chinese nation.

It is necessary to make more cultural relics and cultural heritage come alive, and create a strong social atmosphere for inheriting Chinese civilization. Actively promote the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, and spread more value symbols and cultural products that carry Chinese culture and Chinese spirit. Leading cadres at all levels must respect history and excellent traditional culture, and attach importance to the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage. It is necessary to educate and guide the masses, especially young people, to better understand and identify with Chinese civilization, and strengthen the ambition, backbone, and confidence to be Chinese.

Post time: Jul-16-2022